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November 25, 2012
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A Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler fanfiction
Skating on Thin Ice


Ice skating. Definitely not your strongest area of learning.

You were appalled at how so many of your friends and relatives had said that ice skating was a graceful sport. Fun, cute, and amazing. Joyful and happy. It seemed so easy when they were on the ponds, skating and gliding back and forth, practically zipping on the edge of the frozen ice.

You? You were here, slipping and falling, waddling, even, from the large shoes that didn’t even fit you. No matter how much you tried to be graceful, to be cute, or even try to have fun, the ice grew a mind of its own and had you ending up on top of it, facedown. You had nearly gotten your face stuck on it once.

I never should have taken Elizabeth’s word for it. Anything that’s cute, according to her, is bound to be deadly.

“Damn. Y-you know what? I-I give up!”

It was too much to do. You couldn’t be skating on the pond in the middle of the cursed winter. Not on a thick layer of frozen, hard, thick ice. What was the point in trying?

You tried to step off of the ice, almost stumbling again and falling down. It was growing close to noon, and you might as well be headed back home anyways. At least you wouldn’t miss tea and elevenses, and perhaps you would try to enjoy yourself over the midday meal. The ice was thawing a bit now anyways, and if you stayed on it any longer, it might break under your weight.

Anything is better than being on ice. The wretched ice… who would want to be stuck here, in the middle of nowhere?

And besides, you didn’t want to be skating on thin ice, anyways…

You murmured something to yourself about the idiocy of ice skaters as you attempted to stand on your sore and bruised legs.

And then your foot slipped out from under you.

“A-ah!” It had caught on something—you felt the fabric of your clothing being pulled harshly, and you tumbled down into the cold, wet snow, your legs hitting the ice behind you with a good enough force to twist your ankle.

“Wh-what in the name of the devil—! What is wrong with me?” Why couldn’t you handle this? Why couldn’t you even manage a bit of ice skating? “I’m better than this… for God’s sake…”

How would you explain the dark, purple spots on your legs and your limp to your mother when you returned home? A lady must walk with grace, yes. But how could a lady walk with grace when she was half-dead with cold and pain?! And now, your eye caught a dark spot on your dress…

What is this… God… what’s wrong now…? Wait a minute… M-my dress!

It was ripped and tattered. Torn to pieces at the lacey hem.

“Damn this stupid lake! Damn ice skating! To hell with all this madness!” You were in a right mess. Here you were, your dress torn, your legs aching with bruises. Who exactly was responsible for all this?!

“Lizzie, you are in for it!” When you got home and had your legs bandaged up by your mother, you’d march straight to her home and knock on the door. “I’ll scream at you so hard you won’t even know what hit you!!”


Ugh… that noise… Ciel Phantomhive reached up with his left hand to massage his temples. His right hand still hovered over the paper with a quill, which was now dripping dark, black ink all over the piece of paper he had been writing on. … How am I supposed to do paperwork like this?

Sebastian!” He really had had enough of your noisemaking, which he could hear through the window, even though he had closed it at the first shriek that you had made. Now, he had no choice but to summon his butler to his side.

Moments after the command was made, the door to Ciel’s private study was opened, and Sebastian stepped inside. “Yes, my lord? What is it?”

“Do you hear that?” Ciel pointed towards the closed window, an infuriated expression on his face. “Force whatever is making that noise to stop. Immediately. My work can’t wait any longer while that thing is creating a ruckus.”

“Of course, my lord. If I may add one last word before I go?”


Sebastian gave Ciel a little smirk as he moved towards the door to take his leave. “My lord, you look very adorable when you’re angry.”

The next thing Sebastian knew, a dart was flying towards his face. With an utmost elegance, he simply reached up to snatch it out of the air, smiling even as Ciel screamed, “Get on with it, and don’t come back until the noise has stopped!!”


You were having a tantrum, yes. It had been quite a while since you’d been in this state, and while you’d promised yourself never to have a fit before anyone else… you were perfectly alone.

“My, my, what is this? A lady acting out like this? And in the presence of a man, I might add.”

You whirled around from your position on the ground, your face red with passion as you were envisioning a way to get back at your blonde, cute friend. Murder would be too kind…

“Wh-who is i—! You!”

The butler of the Phantomhive household. Sebastian Michaelis.

He stood only a few feet behind you, looking down at your slightly unruly appearance as if he were amused by the display you were giving him. On his cocky face of his, he had that familiar smirk as he gazed bemusedly at you, wondering what on earth you could possibly be up to. “What are you doing here?!”

To think that he had been watching you for how long!? That creepy butler, staring at you as you screamed unhappily at your unexpected failure!

“It is my responsibility to quiet down whatever racket is going on that disturbs my lord, Miss (Last Name)...” After a moment of looking down upon your tear-streaked face, he remarked,
What is wrong?”

Ha. And like you would care?” At this point, you didn’t care about your civility or your manners. “F-fine… if you’d like to know…”


“And… that’s your situation? This ice skating?” You could swear that the butler was quietly snickering at you, and after a moment, he removed his pocket-watch from his jacket, glancing at it for a moment before returning it to its pocket and sitting down on the ice behind you. You felt the rustling of movements from him, but you stared straight ahead, past the frozen pond in front of you and the white, soft snow beyond it.

“Yes… do you have a problem with that?” You wanted to turn to glare up at him, but you changed your mind before shaking your head silently and shutting your eyes, searching for a moment of peace…

“No, not at all. You say that you want to learn to properly ice skate, eh?” You felt those burning crimson eyes on you, even with your eyes closed.

“… well, properly isn’t something I’d care much for. I really only want to learn, if just for a moment, to be able to feel what it is to do it…” Oh, yes. To be able to move about on the ice the way your friends did. Smoothly, gently.

“Hmm… so you wouldn’t mind if it were done in another manner?”

“N-no, not really, I don’t actually care—w-wait.” Your eyebrows furrowed as you tried to find the meaning behind his clever words. “Wh-what do you mean…?”

“Forgive me, my lady…” You suddenly felt yourself scooped up into strong arms, and you gave a small yelp as you found yourself lifted up by Sebastian, high up into the air. “… but if that is your wish, then I shall ‘teach’ you to skate properly.”

“Wh-what in heaven’s name are yo—butler! P-put me down imme-immediately!” You gasped and clutched on tightly to the fabric on his chest as you shut your eyes, blocking out the cold, wintry air as he took several steps back—and then leapt into the air.

Silence. The wind brushing past your face, blowing the (hair colour) locks about. The folds of your dress flapping about your legs, the loose sleeves fluttering on your arms…

“S-Sebastian!” He was skating on the ice, with you in his arms. Gliding smoothly across the ice in his ice shoes, almost flying across it, like a raven. “Wh-what are you—!”

You were tempted to close your eyes again in fear that the both of you might fall upon the pond’s now thinned out layer of ice, breaking it and sinking into the deathly cold water beneath. “Sebastian! Th-the ice! It might break!”

“Really, now, (Name)…” You gave a start as he leaned over your body and into your ear, that warm breath on the side of your face… “Do you not trust me?”

“U-um… n-not really?” You cleared your throat as he drew back slightly, staring into those blood-red, dazzling eyes. “I-I mean, it’s n-not like I know you…”

And… also… you’re creepy. You weren’t about to say that out loud, though.

“Then…” You gave a startled cry as Sebastian suddenly jerked around to twirl on the ice, and you grabbed on to him to hold yourself closer to his body than ever before. “… If I can’t change your mind, how would I ever possibly be a butler of the Phantomhives?”

“S-so warm…” Yes, Sebastian was warm.

As he held you and you held on to him, you breathed in the scent of freshly baked scones and crumpets. He really did smell sweet… luring… like a bakery, full of warm and tempting pastries…

And then his lips were on yours.

You let out a muffled cry as your eyes widened in shock. Th-The butler of the Phantomhive boy… Sebastian Michaelis… kissing me?! Th-this can’t be!

You were about to draw back, but his sweet lips somehow held you to them… nipping at your skin… sucking at your lower lip, even…!

And then the ice broke.

He never broke the kiss. As Sebastian sprang up into the air from where the ice had cracked beneath his feet, he held on to you, never letting go. His lips didn’t leave yours, even as he landed gracefully upon the deep, white snow, the ice on the pond submerging beneath the surface of the water as the entire layer was broken into pieces...

Finally, you broke away from him, gasping and staring incredulously into his dark eyes. “S-Sebas… Sebastian…”

“Do you trust me now, my lady?” He raised an eyebrow at you as he lowered you to the ground on your feet. You swallowed and nodded. “Very good. Then come along.”

He began to walk away, his pitch black tailcoat flapping in the biting wind, and you lingered back, shouting: “W-wait, what? W-what are you talking about?! Come along to where?”

He turned back you to you, that smile still on his face, same as ever.

“You’ve been skating on thin ice the whole morning. Wouldn’t you like to come by the Phantomhive estate for a cup of strong, hot tea?”

“… um… what kind?” Why on earth were you not refusing?

“Earl Grey. I assure you, it will be the best that the Phantomhive household can offer you, (name).”

“… Well, why not?”

Well. How could you not say no to this dashing, handsome butler? As you took his gloved hand, you sighed and thought to yourself…

I’ve had enough of skating on thin ice.
A one-shot SebastianxReader for :iconrosalindeuchiha:. Just for Christmas, which is coming up rapidly, the story takes place in winter.

Please comment before you favourite, and give your honest opinion, as blunt as it may be!

Sebastian belongs to Yana Toboso...
The picture belongs to a wonderful artist (I'm clueless as to who)...
You belong to Sebastian...
And I own you AND Sebastian!

Requests for fanfiction OR drawings (although preferably fanfiction) are open and free until the end of December. Why not cash in?
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Once, my dad brought me, my two cousins, my sister, and my uncle ice skating. My dad was the best because he is a hokey player, and I was second best, even though it was my first time. Even so, ice skating in sebastian's arms... (nose bleed then faint)
Espada-Kitsuki Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
lol I never went. No doubt I'd fall down and probably fracture my tailbone or something. XD
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I would love if this happened I don't know how to ice skate XDDDD 
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This is amazingly written! :D My favorite part was "Yo butler! Put me down immediately!"
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