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Reader Inserts. Or any fanfic you want.
This is as straightforward as it can get.

Any fanfiction will be ten points. I'll decide the number of chapters depending on the plot. You have the option whether to supply me with a plot or not, or even a vague theme if you want.

I require a character. I can handle first, second, and third person. I'm best at second and third. I have quite a few fandoms (if you're not sure which they are, drop a comment/note). Hit me with challenges.

(Drop by a note to ask if I'm free, though, before you give me the information; I've always got a few things on my plate since I picked up many projects recently.)

Deal with it.


Espada-Kitsuki has started a donation pool!
20 / 1,000
Regarding Donations.

Please donate if you can. I'll probably use them for commissions, or give them to people I know who need them.

1000 is a high goal, but it's a great number yo!

I do commissions for reader inserts, or just plain fanfiction. If you do make any commissions (they're ten points each for a piece of writing), make your payment here. Please don't donate as Anonymous, otherwise I won't know whom it's from. Thanks!


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by LotusFoxfire

1: Name all of your OC's:
Mark Evans & Lawrence Heinsworth & Natalie (from same story)
Marco & James (from the same story)
Chen (some guy that idc about yet)

2: How many do you have?:
I'm pretty sure I have more. But I listed seven here.

3:What is the age range:
15-27. Marco starts out as 6 years old in flashbacks, but that's the only time they're younger. The oldest is Lawrence, flanked by Mark (24).

4: Who is your favorite:
I love Mark. He's an evil bastard.

5: Do you use them in RP's?:
Planning to! With Lunaveon ;D Remind me about this, bby

6: Have people made drawings of them?:

7: Do you use them in manga's? (comics):
Yes, comics that I've made for myself.

8: Do you have gay OC's?:
Not openly gay. But yeah.

9: Do you have one with blond hair?:
James has a sort of sandy blonde hair, a darker shade. Natalie's original design included blonde hair, but now she's a redhead.

10: Do you have one with white or black hair?:
Lawrence, Marco, and Edward have black hair. None of them have white.

11: Tag some people.
You're not required to do these. I just randomly put every person in my mind here.

OKAY. One more from the same deviant.

-You must post the rules
- You can make your answer as long as you want !!
- You must tag at least 3 people,you may tag more if you want (I'm adding this one)
Sorry, I refuse to tag people at this point.

1. What is your name, deary?
Mark Evans. *smiles* Pleased to meet you. I apologise for being so direct, but I must ask... where do you get your good looks?

2. Okay, do you have a theme so for yourself? if yes. can i know ? ( you can put many :3 )
"Liar", by Hatsune Miku. It wouldn't be sung by me, but rather to me.
"Paradichlorobenzene", by Kagamine Len. The Jack/Asamaru/Faneru version is better, though. More lifelike.

3. So what are your bad habits?
Perhaps I can be a little too charming?

4. What kind of Dere suits you?
I meet none of the standards, unfortunately. I don't like to be categorized, but I'd say maybe deredere? I like to be obliging.
(AN: That bastard is totally lying.)

5. What type of animal suits you  ? (ANYTHING COUNTS EVEN DINOSAURS <3)
I like white tigers. But a puma fits the bill better.

6. AWESOME. Pick your battle theme (you can put the same song on question number 2. if you dont have any)
I don't like fighting, really. But "Pepper Steak" from Off is amusing.
(Mark likes playing around, and most of the time he won't give a truthful or useful answer.)

7. Which element suits your character?
I'd say water.

8. GODDAMN BADASS. Ehem. Do you often day dream?
I like concentration. But maybe.

9. OKAAAY. Do you like to be alone or be with other people?

Spending time outside of my own house is delightful, but silence can be rewarding after long day at work.

10.  Umm okai. Do you love music?
Depends on what kind.

11. If someone insults you.. what would you do?
Has someone done that?

12.  You saw an injured puppy. What would you do ?
Call the animal shelter.

13. THE FEELS  you saw your crush walk pass by you. What will you react or do ?
He's too uptight. I'll have to loosen him up. A few drinks should do the trick.

14. OHHHHHHHHHH ~ . If you  saw your crush talking to another girl What will you react?
I swear that man is asexual. 

15. OKAY. LAST QUESTION. did you enjoy it ? :C .
For you? Anything. *smiles*




001. Real name: Katherine. Like the lady with glasses in the game Catherine. I'm a girl with glasses D:
002. Nickname(s): Kitsuki/Kitsuki-chan/Kitsuki-tan/K-tan. Only Naoto gets to call me "idiot" and "Kitsu".
003. Zodiac sign: Wtf
004. Male or female: In regards to sex: I'm female. But I identify as neither. I'm just an innocent duck.
005. Nursery: Wtf
006. Primary school: Not tellin'. But I went to a Catholic private school for K-12.
007. Secondary school: This place called Lowell.
008. Hair colour: Dark, dark, dark brown. Not black. I have a lot of white hairs mixed in.
009. Long or short: Short. And it should stay that way.
010. Loud or quiet: Always, always loud. Unless I get fed up with people, then talking can go to hell. Along with everyone else. But usually I'm shy and cautious if I don't know people well enough to blow up their eardrums.
011. Sweats or jeans: Sweats. I hate jeans with a passion, unless they're the boys' kind (which are nice and comfy). But even nowadays they make boy jeans skinny. What the fuck, world? What happened to blood circulation?
012. Phone or camera: Phone, because Internet. But phones have cameras.
013. Health freak: Health? Is that something delicious?
014. Drink or smoke: I don't do either, but I could do both at some point. Just once in a while, though.
015. Do you have a crush on someone: Aizen and Kira-sama? Do they count?
016. Political orientation: Independent, bitches.
017. Piercings: No. I hate holes in my skin. Despite the fact that there's thousands of tiny little ones in it already.
018. Tattoos: No, and I don't plan to get any, but I like seeing them on other people.

019. Airplane: When I was six, going to visit grandma in Pennsylvania.
020. Car accident: Once, someone hit our car. I was asleep and didn't know it ever happened until my dad told me.
021. Fist fight: Don't. Even. Ask. I can't count them. Most were in primary school, though.

022. First piercing: Shaddup.
023. First best friend: This one girl I used to hang out with all the time in elementary school. When I moved to that Catholic school when I was in fifth grade, I did what I always do, and dropped contact.
024. First instrument played: Guitar and piano. I'm not too good at either of them.
025. First award: Some math thing.
026. First crush: Gakupo... my favourite Vocaloid. I still love him to pieces.
027. First language: Vietnamese.
028. First big vacation: Kawaii Hawaii desu ne.

029. Last person you talked to: Myself.
030. Last person you texted: A random stranger who I decided to text out of the blue. Because I was bored.
031. Last person you watched: Person? As in stalking? I did watch myself in the mirror for a while. I'm too beautiful
032. Last food you ate: Cadbury chocolate, the kind with raisins and nuts.
032. Last movie you watched: Bleach: Fade to Black. Yes, I finally watched it, and it made me so nostalgic that I'm even starting to pick up reading Bleach fanfiction again.
034. Last song you listened to: Pokota - Hello, Worker
035. Last thing you bought: Time.
036. Last person you hugged: My brother.

037. Food: Instant Neoguri Noodles <3 and teriyaki Spam
038. Drinks: Orange Juice. I can drink cartons of it in a day.
039. Clothing: Whatever is sitting on the floor of my closet, because I really can't be bothered to put consideration into it. D:
040. Book: Crime and Punishment.
041. Colour: Black, red, blue.
042. Flower: I really, really like roses. Sure, I know... I'm cheesy.
043: Music: Anything that I happen to like. Music, for me, has no label. But daaamn I really love Gakupo and Vocaloid. And Gackt, bby. Nightmare, the band that did the opening and ending song for the first Death Note season, is really good. Also, Aqua Timez--they did a lot for Bleach, but I loved "Alones" so much.
044. Movies: Bleach: Fade to Black. Also, Shrek and Shrek 2.
046. Subjects: English, because I can ignore everything and still pass the class. :-D

047. [ ] Kissed in the rain 
048. [x] Celebrated Halloween
049. [?] Had your heart broken (Aizen... Light... Yoshiki, Gakupo, Bigby, why can't you be reaaaaal)
050. [ ] Went over the minutes on your cell phone
051. [ ] Someone questioned your sexual orientation
052. [ ] Came out of the closet. (I've been out of the closet forever.)
053. [ ] Gotten pregnant.
054. [ ] Had an abortion. 
055. [x] Done something you've regretted. (Like always.)
056. [x] Broke a promise 
057. [ ] Kept a secret (You're asking ME to keep a secret? That's just terrible. TTnTT)
058. [x] Pretended to be happy (Go away exams let me live in peace)
059. [ ] Met someone who changed your life.
060. [x] Pretended to be sick
061. [ ] Left the country.
062. [x] Tried something you normally wouldn't like, and liked it. (Being a WAITER)
063. [x] Cried over the silliest thing. (I lost my flashdrive for like forty minutes.)
064. [x] Ran a mile (PE class forced me to.)
065. [ ] Went to the beach 
066. [x] Stayed single (Although since I'm in love with me, I can't say I need anyone else sobbu)

067. Eating: Water
068. Drinking: Spam
069. Getting ready to: Work on more Insanitalia. Write some Corpse Party stuff. Finish the prompts I never started (except for one that going to become multi-chapter). Write some more things. Start a Hetalia tumblr blog. Sing a Magnet duet with someone.
070. Listening to: The sound of my life passing by slowly.
071. Plans for tomorrow/today: Be a lazy senpai.
072. Waiting for: sleep time ftw

073. Want kids: Nuuuuuuuuuu. Well, if I adopt, they better be willing to let me bear hug them.
074. Want to get married: No. Forever alone. Plus I want to do cool stuff that a husband would probably not let me do. Like ride a bike off the Grand Canyon and marry myself.
075. Careers in mind: Doctor, or some person who handles crime and stuff. Law enforcement.

076. Lips or eyes: Lips are nice, but the eyes speak to me.
077. Shorter or taller: I like tall... Kizami Yuuya...
078. Romantic or spontaneous: Both. I mean... there's the guy who seems nice. Like big-brother type. Or maybe best taichou in the world. Then they turn around and try to kill you. Stab you with their zanpakutou. Write your name in their Death Note. But hey, I like the bad guys.
079. Nice stomach or nice arms: I really like arms. But I really like stomachs, too. Idk.
080. Sensitive or loud: The quiet ones are always the psycho-murderers/bad guys. <3
081. Hook-up or relationship: I would hook up with myself.
082. Troublemaker or hesitant: Depends. I think I need someone serious to balance out my rambunctious trouble-making. Like... myself. 8D *wink wink*

083. Lost glasses/contacts: Lost my glasses numerous times. Each time, I look into a mirror and see them on my head.
084. Ran away from home: Considered it. I wanted to go off and become a duck. But unfortunately, I already am one, and I cannot bring dishonour to my famiry. :iconmegustaplz:
085. Held a weapon for self defence: Defence from the monsters in the dark and imaginary evil Shinigami? Yes.
086. Killed somebody: ... *looks up from digging large hole in the ground* ... I SO did not murder Naoto before he murdered me. NOPE.
087. Broken someone's heart: Nah.
088. Been arrested: Arrested by my mom. She's like the policeman of the house.

090. Yourself: Kinda. Maybe. A little.
091. Miracles: Not huge ones, but I can definitely see some coming into play.
092. Love at first sight: *looks into mirror* *hugs mirror* *goes to sleep with mirror*
093. Heaven: I really hope so. Maybe I'll make it.
094. Santa Claus: Even though logic tells me no, my childhood tells me "YES!". So I'm going with yes.
096. Magic: Maybe? I'd like to see it in action.

097. Is there one person you want to be with right now: *holds mirror fondly*
098. Are you seriously happy with where you are, in life: Should I give you the x and y coordinates? But... somewhat. yeah.
100. Post as "100 Truths" and tag five people: The truth about this is that I hate tagging so NO



Espada-Kitsuki's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
(deviantID profile picture by Cantrona.)


Regarding Myself.

I'm just a little Kitsuki.

I like chocolate, baseball caps, and good writing. I'm a long-time inhabitant of the ProcrastiNation... Basically I'm just your average dispassionate asshole. Sometimes I can be a sociopathic megalomaniac.

I accept bribery.

Feel free to message this little sucker at <>.

Long-time partners and comrades-in-writing:


Things I Like. As in Really Like.

You really must go and check these fanfiction out:
Death and His Shadow (Death Note):
Muse (Bleach):…

Cake is good, next to chocolate. As for things other than food... I like video games. "Outlast" is the scariest one I've played, and my absolute favourite.

I like Aizen Sousuke and Light Yagami. Basically villainous/anti-heroic, homicidal, megalomaniac characters; the good-looking ones with a high level of intelligence.

I also like deep voices.

And in regards to my writing... Criticism is good, I love criticism. But please, leave out flames. Flames are not nice. Flames are bad.


I write things because I want to.
So grab a smoke. Put it in your mouth. Light it with fire.
Sit down and have some good reads right 'ere.

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