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Forgotten Memory by Espada-Kitsuki
[WIP] Guess who? by Espada-Kitsuki
Child Mitsuki Final by Espada-Kitsuki
I would like to practice my drawing skills. This is something quite important to me.

Therefore, I shall offer drawing commissions. The second and third examples are older works, and the headshot is one of my most recent. I can't promise anything good, but something as sketchy as the America drawing is probably what you'll get. Not amazing, but I'll do my best.
Fanfiction/Reader Insert.
Any fanfiction. Number of chapters will most likely run from 1-3, with my time constraints. You may give  a predetermined plot or a vague theme. Drop me a note for my fandoms.

I can do pairings, homosexual or heterosexual. If you want something mature or explicit, go ahead and drop me a note, but what you'll get will probably be a collaboration between Espada-Naoto and myself. It will be posted on Archive of Our Own, because I'm not comfortable with it being anywhere else.

If you want a reader insert, name the character and the supposed gender/sex of the reader in said fic, since some people want a male reader.

The finished product will probably be 1000+ words. I refuse to give below that.
OC Insert
The only OC inserts I will ever do is that which is commissioned by someone else. I will never write an OC insert of my own accord, nor will I do it for as low a price as my usual.

This is because I don't write OC inserts, which means the quality will be brought down by a notch. In addition, I somewhat dislike OC inserts. And I am a very subjective person.

However, I will do my best.
RPG Game (Fan or Original)
Insanitalia|Hetalia Fangame - Downloadable Demo by Espada-Kitsuki
Hetalia RPG Fangame: Preview. by Espada-Kitsuki
As a (rather deceptive) example, I've given Insanitalia... a game that our team has been working steadily over months to develop. It's a long-term project, something that requires time and dedication. We have art, special effects, and a story that's been thought-out and improved over the span of 2-3 years.

Obviously, you won't be getting this type of quality unless you provide me with a similarly amazing team and a whole lot of time. What I require is this:
:rose:A brief synopsis of your story or at least your basic idea.
:rose:Characters + 250-word description on personality and/or role in game.
:rose:A right for me to be able to edit your narrative skills, if it's that type of game.

If you want art, you'll have to supply your own artists. My specialty lies only in simple to complex eventing. I am learning to script, but I'll probably be good only after a few years.

"Narrative skills". I'm a writer of a decent level, for a hobbyist. I know good and bad narrative when I see them, and I refuse to tolerate bad narrative. I have experience in RPG-making and writing alike, and I will see to it that experience is passed onto the commissioner. I ask for the right to edit your source material, then the right to include it in the game only if you approve of it. It's a two-way street here.

"Patience". These projects take time. They are consuming, require good effort to make anything decent, and demand dedication from all participating members. Individual production on my part can go from five months to a year depending on the game. For a larger group, the reliance on the rest of the team will bring production rate lower, as you need to wait on required materials... and not everyone has similar schedules. I will give progress reports as often as I can if we work together.

Note if you are at all interested, even if it's only pure speculation. Depending on the type of game + setting, the price may go down or up.





I have not felt excitement for Bleach like this in ages! Thank you so much, Kubo, finally I'm grinning ear to ear while reading chapters for the first time.


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Regarding Myself.

I'm just a little Kitsuki.

I like chocolate, pizza, and good writing. A long-time inhabitant of the ProcrastiNation.
Basically I'm just your average dispassionate asshole. Sometimes I can be a sociopathic megalomaniac, depending on the situation.

I accept bribery.

Please feel free to message this little sucker at <>.

Long-time partners and comrades-in-writing, and best web friends:


Things I Like. As in Really Like.

You really must go and check these fanfiction out:
Death and His Shadow (Death Note):…
Muse (Bleach):…

Favourite foods? Cake. Chocolate. Pizza. As for things other than food... I like video games. "Outlast" is the scariest one I've played, and "Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney" is my absolute favourite.

Miles Edgeworth = #1 crush.
Second up, Aizen Sousuke and Light Yagami. Villainous/anti-heroic, homicidal, megalomaniac characters; the good-looking ones with a high level of intelligence.

I also like deep voices.

And in regards to my writing... Criticism is good, I love criticism. But please, leave out flames. Flames are not nice. Flames are bad.


I write things because I want to.
So grab a smoke. Put it in your mouth. Light it with fire.
Sit down and have some good reads right 'ere.

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